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Recruit from anywhere in Africa without the need to establish a local presence.

Unlocking Talent Across Africa: Our streamlined approach allows you to tap into the vast pool of skilled professionals throughout the African continent without the complexities of establishing a local entity. Expand your workforce seamlessly and efficiently with our innovative hiring solutions.

Set up an African Workforce

With a global presence, you can now collaborate with a single service provider when venturing into multiple African nations.

On-Site Legal & HR Team

We have a dedicated team on the ground to assist you in navigating the unfamiliar African landscape, covering employee acquisition, contract management, benefits administration, financial expertise, and compliance with local and tax laws.

Guarantee Compliant Staff Benefits

We offer a comprehensive package of competitive benefits to your employees, aligning with both local regulations and international benchmarks.

Talents and Skills Africa PEO & EOR Solution

Domestic PEO solutions aid local expansion within a country. On the other hand, a global PEO supports businesses in hiring and managing employees across different countries, without having to set up local entities in those countries.

There are also firms that only provide international payroll support without providing employment services as global PEOs would.

In selecting the most suitable solution for your business, it is imperative to understand who will be responsible for managing employee onboarding and overall employment risks

Comparison between Client Managed Expansion Vs. Talents and Skills Managed Solution:

Domestic PEOs

International Payroll

Talents and Skills PEO & EOR Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. Talents and Skills Africa will onboard your candidates (including expats) and issue them compliant employment contracts. Talents and Skills Africa therefore becomes the Employer of Record for your expat foreign employees.

Yes. We can source top and quality talent for your operations in any African country. You however get to choose the best fit talent for the role​

An organisation may outsource the payroll function for its foreign subsidiary. This however does not relieve it of its compliance duties. With an Employer of record (such as Workforce Africa) on the other hand, the Employer of Record is responsible for payroll and other compliance requirements​

Absolutely. In our experience, switching from a local legal entity, to a PEO/ Employer of Record, saves you cost and lets you focus on more strategic activities.​

Yes. As the Employer of Record. Workforce Africa withholds all payroll taxes monthly and administers relevant employee benefits (such as insurance and pension contributions) in compliance with all applicable laws.​

Yes. Talents and Skills Africa only becomes the Employer of Record that is responsible for employment compliance management. However, the Client on a daily basis oversees the operational activities of the employees​

Talents and Skills Africa, as the employer, is responsible for staff salary payment, benefits administration and taxes withholding. The Client is billed once in a month for all these payments and the PEO’s management fee​

The major difference between PEOs and staff leasing is in the relationship between the Staff and the Client. With a PEO, there is an ongoing relationship between the Staff and the client company. The PEO becomes the Employer of record. In Staff leasing, the employee is leased to the client company, usually on a temporary basis. The Staff’s relationship with the staffing company is usually ongoing.​